Securus Technologies Customers Refer User Features

Would you like to pay far less on your inmate calls? Do you pay huge surcharges or the price of celebrity advertisement from your current provider? Amazingly, Securus Technologies took the initiative to answer to a stabilized telecommunications network. Their customers have input in Securus features and services says, Rick A. Smith. You get integrated features referred by other customers. Their mission is to provide superior services which truly save their customers time and money. Patrons choose features from their descriptive website under unique tabs. You pay for the services you need and not huge surcharges because you’re paying shared cost.


Securus Preferred Technology Q & A


  1. Can you use the remote visitation app on my PC?
  2. Yes, the Securus Technologies visitation app has multiple device compatibility


  1. What forms of payment are accepted for features and services?
  2. Debit, check, and credit cards are accepted


  1. What are stamps for inmate emails?
  2. Inmate emails are compared to a letter and requires one postage stamp (purchased on their website) per page


  1. How do I contact customer service?
  2. You can live customer support online and from their 800 number


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