The Life And Accomplishments Of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a respected citizen of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He is the Founder and the Executive Chairman of DAMAC Properties, a reputable firm that focuses on real estate development.

He graduated from the University of Washington and started his career as a Contracts Manager in GASCO, which is a subsidiary company of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. He later quit and started his own catering venture, which has grown into a big business that serves more than 150,000 meals in its markets every day. The catering venture has been managing over 200 projects in different locations.

He was among the first people to engage in property market expansion in Dubai. In the mid-90s, Emirates had attracted many people from all over the world because of its trade opportunities. Sajwani identified a market gap, and he built several hotels to accommodate the visitors and businessmen. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

Apart from DAMAC Properties, DICO Investments, LLC is also one of Sajiwani’s successful ventures. The firm was established in 1992 and has so far garnered AED 3 billion worth of assets managed in the region. It also happens to be flagship investment for Sajwani. DICO provides conventional and Islam direct investments in various sectors. Sajwani also has business interests in Al Amana Building Materials that is located in Oman.

The company is known all over for supplying quality building materials. He also owns Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co, which was the first company to manufacture tiles in Oman and AI Jazeira Services, a public company listed on the Muscat Securities Market. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

In 2002, he started DAMAC Properties to seal a market gap he had identified in the building and construction sector. Even though the headquarters of DAMAC are situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, DAMAC has developed more than 17,900 residential and commercial projects in different countries.

Under the leadership of Hussain, DAMAC upholds effective principles that have made it navigate to the top and maintain its position there. For instance, the company holds no debts for land, and it always retains sufficient cash reserves for effective running.

In 2013, DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, teamed up with The Trump Organization to develop two Trump-branded golf courses. Hussain Sajwani family has been having close ties with that of Donald Trump, and they have collaborated to run various projects in the past.

Besides business, Sajwani has also been involved in numerous philanthropic causes. He has also been encouraging the youth to be innovative and to pursue their dreams. DAMAC Properties has always supported the altruistic efforts towards making the lives of others better.