Scott Rocklage And 5AM Ventures Work To Help Life-Science Entrepreneurs Find Success

Scott Rocklage is a Founding Partner and Managing Partner of 5AM Venture Management LLC.; also known as 5AM Ventures. He has been with the company since 2003 but become a Managing Partner in 2004. One of his best business strategies, that has helped him to not only grow his own business but the businesses of others, has always been to focus on what’s in front of him. He has expressed that it is when an entrepreneur or company tries to do too much, at once, while not getting better at what they do best that they began to fail. While it may look like it would be easy to expand and start taking on business that is not related to the core of what a company does, he does not find this a wise move.


Scott Rocklage has learned, over time, that it is not the risks that you take that don’t work that might cause you to fail, but, instead, it is the ones you don’t take at all. When it comes to taking risks, he firmly believes that its the measured, calculated kinds of risks that work out for the best. He has seen too many people throw their creativity and potential away by working for a random Fortune 500 company when they could have gone into entrepreneurship and succeeded on their own. He also has some helpful words for managers who have problems moving on once they realize they’ve hired the wrong person for the job. It is his experience that setting goals and having performance reviews for people who just don’t fit the bill is a waste of time. It’s best to move on and hire the right person who will be an excellent fit for the team.


As an entrepreneur, mentor, and business strategist, Scott Rocklage works with plenty of scientists, physicians, and other types of life-science entrepreneurs to help them turn their ideas into real-world medical applications or treatments that can change people’s lives. He finds new discoveries in the field of cancer that relate to the targeting of specific genotypes or mutations extremely exciting and hopes more lives will be saved from this development. While some venture companies work with a wide range of entrepreneurs, Scott Rocklage gets satisfaction out of helping the kinds of entrepreneurs who are looking to change the world through science and medicine. He, himself has been responsible for the FDA approval of three drugs that have the potential to save people’s lives or make the quality of their lives much better.


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