Dick DeVos and Serious Causes

No one can ever accuse Dick DeVos of being lazy. No one can ever claim that he’s someone who lacks zeal, either. DeVos is a Grand Rapids, Michigan local who has been in the spotlight for years and years now. He’s been making headlines for all sorts of different things, too. His involvement in the political realm is worth discussing. His involvement in philanthropy is equally worth mentioning. When people think about DeVos’ philanthropy, they often picture his wife. Betsy and Dick DeVos have been an unstoppable philanthropic team for ages. They even went to the effort of making a group that’s called the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation. Dick operates as its President now.


DeVos knows that he has the capacity to advance the United States as a nation. That’s why he does everything he can to impact society. His organization gives its attention to all sorts of subjects that affect the nation and world. DeVos wants the world to reach its full potential. He, because of that, likes to make donations to groups that concentrate on the arts, leadership, culture, education and more. He has given notable sums of money to all kinds of educational institutions. He’s even been at the helm of some schools. Betsy has educational system aspirations that are similar to those of her husband. The pair both want families in the United States to be able to make educated and informed decisions regarding the educational routes their children take. DeVos is a big fan of the concept of charter schools. He likes that all students can attend these kinds of schools if they wish. Since they’re public, they don’t require any payment.


Many people associate DeVos with changes that affect the educational world. Education, however, is only the gateway to his interests. Pollution is another subject that makes DeVos ponder things. He has serious concerns that involve Lake Macatawa in Michigan’s Ottawa County. He wants to help pinpoint the origins of the lake’s pollution issues. DeVos and his wife think that strong water quality is 100 percent vital. They think that poor water is detrimental to the safety and wellness of the American people.


DeVos has been thinking about people for years. He wanted to stave off the construction of an imposing Grand Rapids arena in the nineties. The concept of the construction project bothered him immensely. That’s because it made him think about construction work that pained Detroit, Michigan in the seventies. DeVos appreciates Michigan too much to subject it to possible problems.


This man loves his country. He cherishes his family as well. His four kids are called Ryan, Andrea, Elisabeth and Richard Marvin. He even has a sweet grandchild in his life. DeVos is incredibly proud of his Michigan roots. That’s why he continues to live in the Midwestern state to this day. Dick and Betsy are equipped with residences in both Ada and Grand Rapids in Michigan. They head south to Florida any time they want to revel in warmer temperatures, too.┬áLearn more:┬áhttp://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about


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