Sussex Healthcare Audiology

Sussex Healthcare Audiology partnered with NHS, providing extra support and content in the delivery of high quality Audiology services. These services are easily accessible to the local community. Our specialties include providing diagnostic and screening procedures, treatment of disease, disorder or injury. Many of our patients are older people with sensory impairments and some younger adults. We also offer our hearing specialist clinic to patients who have experienced profound or severe hearing loss.

The company has a contract for the provisions of accessing age-related hearing loss, hearing aid, hearing aid fittings and aftercare. We also offer hearing conservation testing and audio processing testing. Hearing aid services include, cutting edge technology, most major brands, and a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology NHS has many offices in west Sussex. Some of these offices are Tylden House, Dorking road, Wamham, Horsham and many more. East Sussex has two Healthcare Audiology offices, one is based at Conquest Hospital and the other is located at Eastbourne Park Primary Care Center.


Sussex Healthcare Audiology is fully accredited by the United Kingdom and have met the standards of the QIPS. We are accomplished and experienced in the field of auditory science and are ready to bring our expertise to you.

Our patients are pleased with the services we have rendered to them. Many are happy to have clarity with their hearing and balance. Patients has highly recommend us to their families and friends, and has said that they would never trust the services of any other clinic or hospital not associated with Sussex Healthcare Audiology.

Our aim is to provide a full range of hearing and balancing services for our patients. We would like to continue working with the local community, providing high quality care and services. The safety of our patients are the most important factor in the services we provide. Continuing to build the trust of our patients by being compassionate and understanding. We aim to work diligently to diagnosis and treat patients, giving them back a quality of life that allows them to move forward efficiently and effectively.